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Frequently Asked Questions

The good people at Main Inquiries in Muskrat Cove have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about Yankee Peddler that should make your visit to our festival more enjoyable. This information is subject to change without notice.

  1. Can I bring my dog?
    Sorry, but we cannot permit pets on the festival grounds. The ONLY exception is for registered service animals accompanying disabled guests. Please be prepared to show proof of the service animal's registration if requested.
  2. Are there any other points of interest around?
    There certainly are. Please visit our Places of Interest page for more details!
  3. Is there an ATM available?
    This year there WILL be an ATM located inside the festival grounds at the Liberty Village Pavilion. The closest ATMs outside of the festival are located in the town of Canal Fulton. The festival is not equipped to accept credit or debit cards for tickets. Many crafters accept major credit cards (although there is no requirement for them to do so). Many will take a personal check. With the exception of those booths which sell packaged food items, the food and beverage booths are not prepared to take either credit cards or checks for purchases. Please plan accordingly.
  4. Is the festival handicap accessible?
    The festival provides handicap parking. There may be some portions of the festival grounds that are not as easily accessible to those in wheelchairs, motorized scooters, or on crutches. There are gravel and dirt pathways throughout the festival grounds, but no paved walkways. The festival does not provide or rent wheelchairs or motorized scooters.
  5. Where is the nearest restroom?
    This is probably the question most frequently asked of the Main Inquiries information booth. There are portable toilets located only at each of the three entrances to the festival.
  6. What about inclement weather? Do you issue rain checks?
    The Yankee Peddler is an outdoor festival and is held rain or shine, so please plan your day accordingly. Click HERE to check the weather information on our website for a weather report for Canal Fulton. The weather in Northeast Ohio can vary greatly from location to location. Sorry, no rain checks.
  7. Will water be available at the festival?
    Several food vendors do sell bottled water which is poured into a paper cup. If you want a water bottle to carry with you, we suggest that you bring one from home. Tap water is available for free from any of the spigots on the festival grounds.
  8. Can I solicit?
    You may not solicit donations from artisans or from guests. You may not distribute flyers, brochures, or other promotional material without written permission from the festival organizers.
  9. Which is the "Main" gate?
    There isn't one. There are three. When you enter the festival, you receive a hand stamp whose color indicates which gate you entered. If you are planning to meet up with friends, you should choose a location other than "the main gate". It is also a good idea to decide on where to meet members of your family or party in the event that you get separated. There is no public address system available to page anyone. In the event that you are separated, you can leave a note on the message board at the Main Inquiries booth in Muskrat Cove.
  10. Is there a place I can leave my packages?
    The festival does not provide a package check location. However, some crafters will hold your purchase at their booth so that you can retrieve your item on the way out of the festival. You may take items out to your vehicle and re-enter the festival with your handstamp.
  11. Can I take photographs at Yankee Peddler?
    It is always a good idea to ask permission before taking photos or videos at the festival. Some artists at the festival have signs clearly stating "No photos", and we ask that you honor their request.
  12. How do I apply to be a participant at Yankee Peddler?
    You may download a copy of the application form on this website or pick one up at the Main Inquiries booth in Muskrat Cove. Please do NOT bring craft items to the festival as the organizers are not available to review them during the show. All of the necessary information for applying for the festival is on the application form. If you have any questions, please contact the Yankee Peddler office.